• About Roadefend


    Roadefend Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an industry-leading artificial intelligence data type technology-oriented company.

    As a leader in domestic active safety management and services, Roadefend Vision Technology specializes in vehicle active safety driving assistance systems and big data services. Our company is devoted to providing safety assurance and driving auxiliary services for 290 million vehicles and 310 million drivers. Based on artificial intelligence and big data, the active safety defensive system analyzes drivers’ behaviors to improve on-way safety index of vehicles and drivers, creating a new intelligent driving ecology.

  • Scope Of Service


    Headquartered in Shanghai, Roadefend owns R&D centers and product laboratories in Shenzhen and Suzhou. Our service system covers 7 areas domestically, and our business scope stretches to countries in North America, South America, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and so on. We also have representative offices in Russia and North America. Serving over 3,000 companies, Roadefend has provided safety assurance and driving auxiliary services for over 11,000 vehicle teams.

  • The R&D Team


    The core research and development team of Roadefend are the team for 863 New Energy Motor Vehicle Program in Tongji University, led by Wan Gang, minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The algorithm core members are from the team led by Zheng Nanning, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and former president of Xi’an Jiaotong University. Besides, our core research and development elites are from large companies such as Microsoft, Delphi, Ruiyi information, Tencent, ZTE and Lenovo. The teams consist of experts in big data application, automotive industry development as well as active safety driving, and they have rich project experience in artificial intelligence and big data mining.

  • Strength Of Qualification


    So far, Roadefend has been granted 21 intellectual property rights, including 6 patents for invention, 1 utility model, 3 appearance patents, 11 software copyrights and so on. We have also been issued the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. The Roadefend active safety defensive system has internationally leading performance index, over 3 billion km running distance, and driving behavior data accumulation of thousands of drivers for the realization of multi-level data management for business operation.

  • Layout Plan


    On the basis of artificial intelligence and biometric recognition technology based on images, integrating advanced technologies like IOT, cloud computing, visual analysis, big data, geographical information and location service, Roadefend devotes itself to pushing forward the development of Chinese roadway intelligent traffic safety cause, providing happiness and security assurance for thousands of families and creating a future ecosphere of intelligent drive among people, cars and roadways.