• 2021

    The #1 company that adheres to the first heavy-duty trucking insurance industry standard "Guangdong Standard"
    Developed the "Taihaobao platform V3" using technology-based risk and cost reduction strategies

  • 2020

    Established the insurtech headquarters
    Launched insurance digital commercial vehicle risk control platform2.0
    Help domestic head insurance companies UBI Product development
    Versus OCTO start up UBI Auto insurance cooperation

  • 2019

    Get 100 million yuan B1 Round financing
    Insurance car networking platform, won the first prize of the World Artificial Intelligence Competition
    Launch of Trail Guard3.0Cloud platform, released the sixth-generation intelligent terminal system of Jingwei

  • 2018

    Get 100 million yuan B Round financing
    Participated in the formulation of multiple provincial and national standards in the field of active safety
    Special Support for Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development

  • 2017

    Got JoyCapital’s tens of millions of Yuan A round of financing
    Roadefend AI system got started and upgraded

  • 2014

    Successfully researched and developed forward LDW equipment
    Market integration with fatigue early-warning equipment
    Entered the dangerous goods transportation market

  • 2012

    Successfully researched and developed the first generation product
    Got customers’ approval of the trial product

  • 2009

    Started to research and develop fatigue early-warning equipment before investment