Solution for active safety system in hazardous chemicals production enterprises

Industry status

The frequency of highway transportation accidents has resulted in great loss of life and property.

Pain points of hazardous chemicals production enterprises

1. The marking machine cannot meet the demands of on-site safety supervision, and only can do overspeed and overtime accumulation.

2. During the screening of illegal driving behaviors through video displaying, shortcomings become apparent, such as huge manpower expense, costly video traffic, low efficiency, and late report of warning.

3. The drivers’ security training quality is expected to be improved, but the current methods are powerless.

4. Drivers are scarce in the talent market. The historical driving situations of newly recruited drivers cannot be grasped.

5. There are numerous enterprise safety information management platforms, and an integration plan based on merging is hoped to come out.

Demands of hazardous chemicals production enterprises

  • Safety

    all-directional in-transit security control

  • Intelligence

    intelligent big data management platform

Roadefend active safety defensive system and solution

  • AI
  • active safety
  • ADAS
  • big data
  • Internet of vehicles
  • Visual analysis

Collection and analysis of driving behavior

Fatigue Warning,Distraction Warning ,Calling Warning,Smoking Warning,Drivers'identity authentication,Reminder Of A Substitute

Early-Warning Equipment For Driver Status Analysis

FCW,LDW,Driving Video With High Definition,HMW,VB,Rapid Acceleration Warning、Sudden Braking Warning,Rollover Warning

AI Active Safety Cloud Platform

Collection And Analysis Of Driving Behavior,Evaluation Of Drivers Or Vehicle Teams,Drivers’Identity authentication,Reminder Of A Substitute,Remote Dispatching

Satellite positioning intelligent trigger video early-warning system

Satellite Positioning,Trace Replay,Video Feedback,Overspeed Speed Analysis,Route Planning,Parking Analysis

Benefits of the design

This system builds models for driving behaviors and provides strong scientific basis for drivers'training in the hazardous chemicals production enterprise through collecting large amounts of driving behavioral data in the back-end cloud platform.


Guarantee the security of drivers and passengers

Decrease or even eliminate economic loss

Enlarge the managerial competencies of supervision departments

Improve corporate image and competitive power

Reduce environmental pollution