Solution for active safety system in buses

Recently, with the development of China’s economic society and urbanization, the number of buses and drivers is increasing. However, there still exists a relative high vehicle accident rate. The security situation is much concerned, and many public transp

Trend of industry

The European law demands that active safety of vehicles shall be enhanced, and such active safety technology has been implemented since 2013.

At the end of 2013, three traffic transportation standards had passed after reviewed by experts, such as “Vehicle GPS Digital Video Recorder”. The standards recommend checking through the video analysis technology whether drivers are in fatigue condition and whether the vehicle travels on the right lane.

JT/T 1094-2016 Safety Specification for Commuter Bus

On March 7th, the notification was published, which demanded:

JT/T 883 hazard warning system in commuter buses

On April 1st, 2018, commuter buses must be installed with Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) to meet the demand of forward early-warning function.

JT/T 1076/1078 Ministry of Transport Technical Requirements of Digital Video Recorder

DSM+LDWS are installed in the stocked vehicle market.

Roadefend active safety defensive system and solution

The system uses the industry’s advanced image processing technology, face feature recognition and analysis technology, lane detection, vehicle detection , and wireless communication technologies, and the global positioning technology to achieve real-time


Mainly, there are two parts in active safety defensive system in buses

  • ① Intelligent device

    Main early-warning function

    Early-Warning Equipment For Driver Status Analysis:Fatigue Warning、Distraction Warning、Smoking Warning、Calling Warning、Passenger Flow Statistics、Blind Spot Detection、Analyze Of Congestion、

    Forward active safety early-warning equipment:FCW、LDW、HMW、VB.

  • ② AI active safety cloud platform

    active safety management

    Upload early-warning pictures in real time,Historical Track Inquiry,Mileage Collection,Historical Warning Inquiry,Driving Behavior Analysis,Driver Safety Driving Score,Warning Type, Parking Analysis, Vehicle Online And Offline Analysis.

Benefits of the design

Guarantee the security of drivers and passengers and improve working efficiency

Decrease or even eliminate economic loss and reduce costs

Improve corporate image and competitive power

Enhance the rationality of transport capacity dispatching

Improve passengers’ satisfaction